An application for viewing album art of the song currently playing in mpd
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mpdart is a simple X application that displays the album art of the currently playing mpd song and lets you toggle play pause. It spends almost all of its time idle and only uses 0.1% of my RAM and 0.0% of my CPU according to top.


C compiler

pkg-config # optional build time dependency


make install # supports PREFIX and DESTDIR


There are four flags:

mpdart -d musicdir -h host -p port -t timeout # timeout is milliseconds

Though all but -d have default values:

mpdart -d ~/music

These options can also be configured in the enviorment variables MPDART_DIR, MPDART_HOST, MPDART_PORT, and MPDART_TIMEOUT.

To make these changes persistent, export them in your ~/.profile.

Once mpdart is running you can left click the window to toggle mpds pause/play or right click it to close it.


Pull requests

If you like github you can contribute by sending in a pull request at


If you dont like github you can contribute by emailing me at depsterr at protonmail dot com with the output of

git format-patch

after youve commited your changes to your local tree.


Big thanks to my friend wooosh for helping me debug and develop this :)