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590 B

-- simple test
(data 𝔹 ([𝔹] 𝕋)
([𝔹] 𝔽))

[𝔹 → 𝔹]
(def (((not 𝕋) 𝔽)
((not 𝔽) 𝕋)))

[ℤ → 𝔹]
(def (((is1 1) 𝕋)
((is1 _) 𝔽)))

(data ℤList ([ℤList] IEmpty)
([ℤ → ℤList → ℤList] ICons))

(data 𝔹List ([𝔹List] BEmpty)
([𝔹 → 𝔹List → 𝔹List] BCons))

[ℤList → 𝔹List]
(def (((is1l IEmpty) BEmpty)
((is1l (ICons x xs)) (BCons (is1 x) (is1l xs)))))

[ℤList → 𝔹List]
(def is1l2 is1l)

[𝔹 → ℤList → 𝔹List]
(def is1l3 (lambda [𝔹] x is1l))